About us

Our home takes it name from one of the mountains in the Cuillin Hills.

Marsco is a peak in the Red Hills. It lies on the east of Glen Sligachan, and may be climbed from the right-of-way through the glen from Sligachan to Loch Coruisk.

Alternatively, it may also be reached from Coire nam Bruadaran on the western side. Marsco has magnificent views of the main Cuillin Ridge as well as out to sea; many walkers reckon it is perhaps the finest of all the Grahams.

Marsco the house was built in 2001, by the previous owner who bought the land, and built the house. We fell in love with it on first sight in August 2006 and 5 months later had moved in, having sold our house in the heart of overcrowded, busy, vehicle dominated Hampshire.

When people ask why we moved to Skye the pictures on our website say it all. The Isle of Skye is a very special place, for us it has a peace and tranquillity that we have not found anywhere else. It is our spiritual home.

“Come and share it with us” – David and Christine.

View Of The Cuillins Mountain Range
View Of The Cuillins Mountain Range